COVID 19 Impact & NRI Investments in Indian Real Estate

COVID-19 or Corona is affecting every aspect of human life… But its impact on the global economy has also given a huge opportunity for Indian real estate companies as NRI customers settled in US, UK, Australia, Spain, France, Dubai, Russia or Singapore are seriously thinking to migrate/entrust in their nation which is much secure and safe from such a pandemic, as India has fruitfully controlled this virus and has set a good example for the rest of the world. Further, check out this article on COVID 19 Impact & NRI Investments in Indian Real Estate to know more.

NRI investment in properties in India post the COVID-19 induced lockdown

With the rupee diving against dollar and reports of mass employment cuts in the US and Europe, there is a reestablished warmth among NRIs to purchase real estate resources in India, particularly in the National Capital Region. Also, low ROI on bank deposits is another opportunity for NRI investors to use their deposits in buying a home at lower interest on a home loan while getting an added dominance due to depreciation in the value of Indian rupee.

Indian real estate investment

In the last 8 weeks, residential real estate in India has seen importance from NRIs. Possibly, NRIs are considering having a home base in India in case they have to return to India. Recent research shows that both residential and commercial real estate sectors are expected to be hit in terms of launches, sales, and prices. 

Falling rupee value

The Indian rupee value has plunged by 7% opposite the dollar in the last 1.5 months. While the falling rupee value means something bad for the monetary advancement of the nation. Thus, it is an open door for NRI homebuyers as the devaluing estimation of rupee implies more cash in the hands of the purchasers and an expanded capacity to embrace greater and better real estate possibilities. 

Decreased profits for other investment alternatives

Most of the Indian speculators like to play safe and attempt generally safe investments, for example, gold and fixed deposits. The Corona (COVID-19) pandemic has dissolved the estimation of gold and fixed deposits also. Furthermore, returns on fixed deposits have likewise endured a hit in the same number of lending managements including State Bank of India, which has diminished the financing cost on fixed deposits by 15 bps. The persistent losses in other venture choices may likewise move the focal point of NRI purchasers towards the real estate sector.

Reduced repo rate

From 5.75% in June 2019 to 4.40% after the decrease of 0.75 basis points (bps) on March 26, 2020, the current Repo Rate (RR) in India is at its most reduced ever. Correctly, the repo rate is the rate at which the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) advances funds to business banks. Subsequently, a decline in the repo rate infers lower obtaining costs for commercial banks and accordingly diminished loan rates for end clients. The intrigue decrease may look good for the real estate purchasers, especially the NRIs who are monetarily more secure than the local purchasers.

Foreseen price amendment

With decreased interest and stacks of inventory, builders/developers may depend on various procedures to draw planned clients into the market and push the deals forward. In this manner, aside from endowments and tempting offers, a 10-15% rectification in the property or asset estimations is likewise on the cards. Therefore, if the venture is on the mind, NRI homebuyers would locate the correct blend of residential stock in India, including ready-to-move units. 


In conclusion, NRIs who recently preferred the securities exchanges will presently concentrate more on real estate. The ongoing financial exchange instability, combined with the ideal rupee-dollar conversion standard in the hour of the coronavirus emergency, presents a noteworthy open door for NRIs to think about putting resources into Indian land. 

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