How to create your office at home during COVID - 19 pandemic

Facing the Covid-19 pandemic has become the biggest challenge in front of the world, be it individuals, businesses, or governments. Where social isolation and self-quarantine have become the need of the hour to break off the spread of the viral infection that has now claimed thousands of lives globally. As such, many of us are now working remotely – so that business can remain open and productive. Further, here’s a detailed article on how to create your office at home during COVID - 19 pandemics. Read on to know more…

When home becomes office

Firstly adapt a special room to work

Temporarily adapt a room to work from home or modify it permanently to keep it using in the future. Always choose a room with good natural lighting so that your vision is not affected and also use a comfortable chair so that you can keep working for hours. You can even add some plants to this area as they will add some life to your space.

Good ventilation

Moreover, good ventilation helps you prevent contaminated air in your space. As per health organization, it is harder to catch COVID-19 if there is good ventilation in a closed space. So, it’s best you keep your windows open during your workdays.

Separate work from home

Make sure people at home understand you are working and that you are not available to take care of the domestic chores. If you have children, you know they will not go to school (during COVID-19), so it’s worth to do some adaptations at home for them to be busy and entertained.

Create boundaries

  • Prepare your workspace with a good Wi-Fi speed, a comfortable chair and a desk where you can put all your essentials.
  • Check with your management about work from home equipment policies. Your company may be among those who allow you to use only their laptops for privacy reasons.
  • You will most likely have virtual meetings with your organization weekly and/or daily. It's imperative to have a clear and visible connection when having digital meetings.

Maintain a schedule

  • Define and maintain regular work hours and your typical schedule.
  • Incorporate your normal routines, starting with waking up at the same time every day, getting dressed, and preparing for work.
  • Schedule breaks, lunch, and time away from your desk periodically during the day.
  • Be disciplined during your day to limit personal distractions while being home.

Embrace Technology

  • Communicate with your manager and IT department about the tools, software, and training you need.
  • If you need to coordinate projects with other team members, use a collaboration tool (like Microsoft Teams or Smart sheet), or create a process for the interaction.
  • Organize your email and folders. Delete out-of-date materials.

Digital documents

It’s wise to update the operating system of your computer to have the latest security updates. To this make security copies of your documents with regularity so that your information is safe in case of an error or loss.

Passwords to protect your devices and documents

Add passwords to all your devices including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. In the case of confidential sharing, it is possible to add passwords to the documents.

Workaround naps

If your kids are small and still take regular naps, consider scheduling meetings during that time.

Plan a short to-do list and even trim that down

Start your day by listing the goals you want to achieve. Prioritize them and if necessary, move some of them to the next day. A concise to-do list will help you focus on your tasks. It is always possible to start working on postponed tasks once you have reached your goal. 

In addition

Be kind to yourself. Learn every day about what works and what doesn’t. Make adjustments as needed. Also, figure out how you can be both productive and a good parent at the same time. This will be one of the biggest personal and professional challenges you will undertake.


In conclusion, a home office can be great!  – Where you get a chance to work uninterrupted. So this is the time for you to get your home ready to maintain productivity without having to go out…

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