Advantages of buying a property near a school

Finding a suitable property is a challenging task… as there will be several questions going through your mind. People look for properties close to key amenities like public transport, shops, and schools because they don’t want to travel too far in search of these basic amenities. A great number of property buyers and renters are paying more attention to the school catchment areas. Thus, educational zones have become a popular consideration for many home seekers, these days. Further, read on, to know the number of advantages of buying a property near a school. This could help you make the right investment in real estate…

What are the advantages of buying a property near a school from a parent’s perspective?

Offers higher returns

Home situated near schools, especially the reputed ones offers high resale value when the time comes to sell your home.

Safer neighborhood

School catchment areas and zones nearer to schools are considered safe to live in, as they are well monitored by higher police presence and inhabited by people who are concerned with safety and security as you are.

Future planning

You don’t have to worry about moving closer to a school when your children reach the school-going age.

Sense of community

Buying a property near to school will also let the people live amongst a community and make a lively place to live in.

Time and cost-saving

Residing close to a school or educational zone can mean that the students can walk to school rather than relying on buses or other transportation mediums or seeking a lift from their parents. This may reduce travel costs for the parents as well as free them from taking their children to and from school (especially for working parents with multiple children).

Easy to sell or rent

Homes close to school tend to have a constant demand when compared to other neighborhoods. So, if you choose to sell or rent your home down the line, finding a buyer or a tenant will be much easier.


Children will have fewer chances of encountering dangerous intersections if they reside close to a school. Homes adjacent to schoolyards can provide a prime view of the outdoor amenities.

Creates a child-friendly environment

Your kids will have more time and opportunities to participate in extra-co-curricular activities.

What are the advantages of buying a property near a school from a parent’s child’s perspective?


Kids may forget things regularly. Living close to a school reduces the stress associated with forgetfulness. They don’t have to rely on their parents for a ride back to the school.

Decreased conflicts

For mothers getting kids off to school in the morning can be a chore. Having a school nearby is beneficial as family tensions will be reduced when the wakeup routine is not a struggle.

Kids can avoid a tedious bus ride

The schedule of riding a bus includes the time spent walking to the stop, waiting for the bus and the bus ride. So, when you live near a school, a simple walk can replace all these time-consuming steps.


Children like being in control. Being able to walk to and from school can build a sense of self-governance.

List of important things that you should consider as a property investor

  • Location – Always check for the core amenities available nearby, such as schools, public transport, major roads, restaurants, public transport, shops, etc.
  • Supply and demand – What is the supply of properties and demand in that area? However, it’s suggested, you should always invest in an area with high demand and low supply.
  • Demographics – What types of people are living here and how many households are rented?
  • Future developments – Check are there any future developments that can have a positive or negative effect on your property?


For people who are planning to purchase a home near a school, there are certain ways to research and find out, what life would be like in that area…

  • Research the neighborhood - When you are touring the home you should research the neighbors. Ask them about the noise levels, parking, and traffic.
  • Try to call the school to ask about the impact of the neighborhood.
  • Check the overall safety of the home and surroundings.
  • Evaluate the vicinity of recreational amenities.



There are significant benefits to living near a school, particularly when it comes to selling. So, do your research and think about how it could have an impact on your life and make the right investment…

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