How to buy a house in Kerala

Some of the first things to consider when you’re buying a home are how much you want to spend, where you’d like to live and what’s important to you as a buyer

1. Be financially disciplined to build down-payment. ...

2. Stick to Your Budget. ...

3. Research on Your Dream Home. ...

4. Don't just save – invest. ...

5. And Set Aside the Money for Future EMIs.


Buying a house is what many of us dream of, make the right decisions at every step of the purchase process can be overwhelming and stressful. The first thing that you have to decide is the budget for your home purchase. The budget will have overriding powers on deciding on the size, location, and amenities that you can choose. Take your time and do adequate homework before you buy your home. You can’t keep selling and/ or re-buying homes hence, make the best decision for the first time. Keep your options open and say yes to nothing unless you know everything there is to it


Do an online search and shortlist a few properties in your chosen area or find the right agent

It is too difficult for a home buyer to visit and compare all the projects in a city or even in a particular locality. Once you shortlist few properties, portals can help you compare them on various parameters. It would be hectic and time consuming for homebuyers to visit all the projects physically. Moreover, not all projects need to match the requirements. In such a scenario, property portals are very handy. Almost all the realty portals offer map-based property search, typically linked to Google Maps. You get an aerial view of the locality and surrounding infrastructures

Chose the right agent - Real estate agents walk their clients through the entire home buying or selling process, providing valuable knowledge and information at each step.

Begin to identify property

Visit the places yourself. Walk around the area, you may find some lanes more peaceful than the other, others more conveniently, and yet those that just perfectly fit the bill. An aspect that you must know is that a spot that is most convenient to amenities such as transport, schools, hospitals, utilities as well as entertainment may cost you a slightly higher premium than one that may be a further 10-minute walk away.

Predicts the livability based on popularity, property density, amenities, connectivity and commute feasibility, and property price trends

Valuation of the property

Location is the prime factor that affects the property valuation rate in India. Properties based in commercial areas seem to have a higher appreciation rate in comparison to properties located in residential areas. If your property is close to a major IT hub, it is obvious that the rentals, demand, and price for your property go up since people working close by will have the desperate need to always rent or buy the property

Connectivity -Good infrastructures such as airports, metro, flyovers, and roads, if are near your property, you can expect your property rate to appreciate. When planning to buy properties in underdeveloped areas of the city, always research the nearby infrastructure that is yet to be built. 

Quality of construction - The material, design, layout, architecture, and longevity of a building all add to the valuation of a property. Buying a property from a known and reputed builder who are known for their construction quality will always lead to a higher appreciation rate for your property

Presently, common amenities such as a pool, gym, parking, garden area, and community center all add value to your property.A property coupled with amenities will appreciate more than just a regular property with no amenities.

Perform legal diligence

From a buyer's perspective, due diligence gives them peace of mind that they're making the right deal and have all the information they need to make a good purchasing decision. 

All title documents being duly stamped and registered at the office of the jurisdictional sub-registrar of assurances. Similar to verifying the title to the property, the buyer should also ascertain the identity of the seller and any specific conditions, governing the ability of the seller to convey the property Identification of all owners, in case of properties held jointly.

Property buyers should thoroughly examine all the documents that establish the identity of the seller and the verification of the property in question.


Most buyers end up refining their criteria once they start touring homes. Ultimately, your home criteria should depend on your personal lifestyle and needs. Regardless of what you’re looking for, make sure you’ll be happy with the home you buy for the foreseeable future.

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