Ambiance- Palakkad best multi-layered landscape villa project

The Granary of Kerala

Palghat, popularly known as Palakkad, is a land of valleys, hillocks, rivers, forests, mountain streams, dams, and irrigation projects. Palakkad is generally known as the granary of Kerala. The land is known for its natural beauty as which provides a visual feast to your eyes. It is situated at the foot of the Western Ghats, and the gateway to Kerala from the north. Palakkad district has its special characteristics. The district has vast stretches of lush green paddy fields, with tributaries of the Bharathapuzha river crisscrossing it.

There are many amazing tourist destinations in Palakkad like Palakkad Fort, Dhoni, Kanjirapuzha, Jain Temple, Kalpathy Temple, Pattambi Nercha, Silent Valley National Park, and Parambikulam Tiger Reserve.

In the trip to Palakkad, the presence of paddy fields sprawling across beyond the eye limits provides a unique view of satisfaction to the eyes and heart. The mesmerizing sight of the exotic Palmyra trees, serene lake, and its beautiful banks, makes Kava, a favorite destination of nature lovers. The serene banks of the Malampuzha dam offer a breathtaking view for the visitors. Palakkad Fort has played a major role in the attacks on Kerala carried out by the Mysore army which had a long-lasting impact on the region's history. A protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), the fort is a major tourist attraction now.

Elappully- where nature unleashes its beauty...

Are you looking for a quiet place to breathe? A place to drown all your worries and attain total calmness then your search end here Elappully takes you close to nature and help you rejuvenate. Proximity to the airport [Coimbatore, Kochi], train station [Palghat Junction] and State Highway 544[NH 47] makes this an ideal place to explore Kerala.

Elappully is comprising of small hills, valleys, and plains those scenic views will make Kerala the true 'God's own Country.

Dream into reality

Let me paint scenarios for you…. Imagine that you are walking along the narrow path that led to our house, and sitting in a peaceful spot, your mind is calm, your body relaxed, and feels the first rays of the early morning sun hit on your face as it rose over feels in the top of the hill gentile peaceful feeling envelope you? Yes! You are in a right place to make your dream into reality. Make a wise decision, and take a moment to connect.

Own a piece of heaven on earth and make your dream a reality…

Are you an enthusiast in your health? If yes, this is the place for you the gawk at. A masterpiece in modern & healthy living is within arm's reach

Experience the epitome of modern living in Elappully. Statistically located near Panchayat office. Close to the village office, other government offices. Proximity to different banks, Guardian public school, 5 Kms to Kendra Vidyalaya, 4 km to one of the best industrial belt of Kerala(Kanjikode), in between 10 km to Ahalya group hospitals (one of the best hospital in Kerala), and Athani hospital.

Ambiance villas come with 46 villas across 5.5 acres of land with a wide array of amenities host to a vibrant canal vast and beautifully landscaped parklands, winding walkways, large open spaces, and breath-taking architecture, it offers a chic and tranquil lifestyle, while also immersing residents in unparalleled convenience and connectivity.

We offer clients a truly bespoke, turn-key refurbishment service, from architectural design, planning and listed building consents, construction and project management, right through to interior design and furnishing. Villas are built in a multi-layer landscape so each villa is unique by its views. Truly, every element of Ambiance villas transports residents to Ooty.

Incomparable comforts

  • Gyms / Fitness rooms

Stay in shape with the fitness court, a wide range of equipment to support a variety of exercise regimens such as extensive cardio and weight training

  • Well-designed jogging, cycling track

Wider and comfortable walkways where two people can easily walk together. Natural boost of energy a walk to start your day can be a great way to keep your heart healthy, besides general health improvement making morning walks a part of your daily schedule will give you some awesome beauty benefits as well

  • Entertainment / Games room

Ambiance offers multiple functions in one space, dwindle time in evening with fellow members & friends over a drink and play indoor games in your comfort.

  • Yoga and meditation area

A place to explore and a place to share with family and friends. Relax, unwind and reward yourself with a session or two at our sumptuous wellness or yoga center, where a serene environment and professional touch ease your cares away

  • Outdoor launching area

Being outside offers lots of benefits, it offers an emotional boost and can help you feel less tense, stressed, angry, or depressed. Warm summer days can still bring chilly winter nights. If you want to sit out long into the cooler evenings or entertain way into the small hours with your family under the trees.

  • Ample water supply

Having clean water and sanitation means being able to avoid exposure to countless diseases. Each villa has a separate water connection stable with excellent ground water resource-Small pond, a big well, and Malampuzha water connection.

  • Children’s Park

Ambiance villas ensure that your children are not deprived of space. The play area are well designed keeping in mind the interests of children .our children area is the heart of the property to ensure the safety and easy accessibility.

  • Party lawn

Open space and recreational area to let your dream moments come alive at Ambiance Villas like birthday parties, theme parties, baby showers, or any other social gathering and let celebrate together.

  • Help desk

Which delivers traditional organic crops directly to you from farmer & much more..


Ambiance villa project is yet another man-made structure blending beautifully with natural scenery, and healthy living in a pollution free area where all the perks you desire are at your doorstep.

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