Reasons why festive season idle time to invest in property

When it comes to real estate, the ideal time to buy a property often comes in the festive season. As people believe that festivals are auspicious - because they bring with themselves times of happiness, togetherness, and joy. Besides, these festivals are attached to numerous mythological deities, which are believed to be signs of good fortune. Also, builders come up with innovative offers and payment plans, while banks also release various loans to raise the interest of buyers. However, for a prospective buyer, this festive season is a blooming period to invest in the property market. Read on this article on, Reasons why festive season idle time to invest in property to know more…

Festival Season: A Perfect Time To Buy Property

Good time to buy

As discussed earlier, the festive time is considered very auspicious, where people are willing to buy new things. Thus, all the planning and arrangements are done beforehand to reap full advantage of this season. Solely, the buyer’s mentality is to buy the product than just to weigh the options. 

New launches by the developers/builders

As it’s a well-known fact that the investors and homebuyers are keen for new investments during the festive months, the builders also look forward to this time of the year to launch their projects. The number of projects launched during the festive season is more than any other time of the year resulting in a high number of investments’ records. 

Cash Discounts

Another universal truth is cash discounts are major crowd pullers in any industry, and the developers make full use of it. While some offer direct cash discounts on the market price, some builders would offer discounts on the registration and stamp duty. Even brokers offer discounts on their services during the festival season.

Gifts or freebies

Many builders launch ‘free gift’ offers during the festival season. Starting from a gold coin to a car, they offer almost anything along with the property.

Few include:

  • Travel vouchers to a variety of national and international investments
  • Free club memberships
  • Gold coins
  • Cash discounts
  • Free home appliances and amenities
  • Brokerage discounts
  • Benefits on stamp duty or registration fees

Extra Furnishings or Fittings

Furnishing is one important aspect that many builders add during the festive season. They offer modular furnishings like built-in cupboards, furnished bathrooms, modular kitchens, etc. Some even add electrical appliances like geysers and ACs to their kitty or offers.

Payment plans

Developers often use these auspicious occasions to launch innovative payment plans. So, this is a time when you can make the most of these plans, as they often carry extra cash discounts with them.

Offers on a home loan

Discounts and offers are not only featured on property prices, but one can also avail attractive home loan offers during the festive season. From lesser than usual interest rates to several freebies; banks and lending institutions also give out more home loans during these months.

Limited period offers

While the deals and discounts are extremely attractive, it’s important to remember that they are applicable only for a very limited period. So, it’s best to close the deal as soon as you can.

Good weather

Above all, the weather in winter is quite pleasant. Making it’s easy to plan site visits and to meet and discuss the prospects of buying the property.

In conclusion

Every family starts something new or makes new speculation during festivals. So go ahead and make the most of this festive season and buy a property. What would be a better time than this festive season when you have low-interest rate and plenty of affordable real estate listings?

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